Antonia Sainz
Age: 20
Height: 168 cm / 5' 7"
Weight: 56 kg / 123 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Czech Republic
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Antonia Sainz Pissing Videos


10 Aug2017
Anonymous said:

Just a whole lot of nice...great titties

07 Feb2016
Anonymous said:

I just love Antonia! Can't get enough of her (piss)

19 Oct2015
Anonymous said:

Antonia, you are a real star. You are pretty with nice eyes and a lovely smile. You have a really sexy body. I love your perfectly-formed boobs and your shapely legs. But best of all you seem to really LOVE piss. You know exactly how to make a piss scene both beautifully erotic and so wonderfully depraved. Please come back for more!

08 Oct2015
eu9eorpBzWVJ said:

Antonia, you are perfect.

31 Aug2015
Anonymous said:

So much of the media is full of bad news: conflict, hatred and despair. Then I see Antonia with her fabulously sexy body, gorgeous smile, perfectly formed pussy and obvious passion for hot piss (both giving it and receiving it) and I realise that the world isn't such a bad place after all. So, VIPissy, bring back Antonia in another girl-girl scene (with Megan Rain, ideally) and do your bit for world peace...!! Thank you.

24 Jun2015
Anonymous said:

Are you married?

14 May2015
Anonymous said:

Antonia est l'une des filles les plus chaudes. Je voudrais bien la baiser toute la nuit.

16 Apr2015
Anonymous said:

Antonia, you're a total star! Thank you for stepping in to perform with Oprah when Kerry couldn't. Out of all the girls to choose from, I'm so pleased that VIPissy asked you. I hope you're now given another chance to shine. You're such a pretty, classy, sexy girl with a genuinely lovely smile. Every inch of your body is perfectly formed; like the body of a goddess. Your pissing is incredibly beautiful, and I love the way you take another girl's pee in your face or your mouth. You move with the elegance and grace of a prima ballerina, and when you come it's sheer poetry! Please come back soon, and don't let VIPissy waste you in a boy-girl scene. You're simply perfect fucking girls. ... I think I'm in love!

06 Feb2015
Anonymous said:

Antonia is not only really beautiful but really, really sexy. She knows how to produce an erotic scene, take control, kiss, pee and smoulder. Wonderful!

03 Jan2015
Anonymous said:

Antonia, you're AMAZING ~ a genuine natural beauty ... not like what I call plastic pornstars. You have lovely natural breasts, a lovely natural smile and your a natural peeing and fucking. I could watch you all day!

24 Oct2014
Anonymous said:

I am happy to be the first who appreciate and tell you how wonderful girl you are, Yes, your smile with your mouth full open like a lovely pissoir is absolutely amazing and conquering. To see your movie, see you taking all the piss in your mouth and cum and piss again, was a great delight, Thank you and please come again with high heels and stockings on all the time while you get your hair piss soaked from two girls and sucking a pissing cock, that would be really fantastic, dream to kiss and tongue your pissing vagina...and show us your ass hole too, love you babe,

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