Luna Ora
Age: 19
Height: 163 cm / 5' 5"
Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Italy
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Luna Ora Pissing Videos


27 Feb2016
Anonymous said:

I agree with these other comments. Luna is one of the girls I'd most like to see back again.

16 May2015
Anonymous said:

Luna is stunning...please bring her back soon. And please get her Gorgeous dark hair completely soaked again!!

04 Mar2015
Anonymous said:

VIPissy please, please, please bring Luna back. She is an incredible young woman: so beautiful and sexy, and a natural piss performer.

31 Jan2015
Anonymous said:

Luna is stunningly beautiful, utterly gorgeous, quite magnificent and so very, very sexy. I could gaze at her all day. Please, please, please, VIPissy, bring her back again soon...!

26 Jan2015
BmyQNbouWmVo said:

Stunning woman, amazing body and face. A real treasure. I hope she will appear again on your site very soon.

08 Jan2015
Anonymous said:

A wonderfull looking Women and acts naturally. One can see she likes what she does.
I would pay a lot for one night with her!

03 Jan2015
Anonymous said:

Luna, you are adorable. I love everything about you. But I'm completely blown away by your AMAZING pussy ~ so wide open and pouty with big tasty pussy-lips ~ I think I'v found the 8TH WONDER of the world.

20 Dec2014
hotcarlton said:

I see her on Wet and Pissy. She is absolutely hot and naughty. I'm impatient to see her again on Vpissy : in hot lesbian scene it qhould be the must !!!

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