Karina Grand
Age: 25
Height: 180 cm / 5' 11"
Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Ukraine
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Karina Grand Pissing Videos


20 Nov2015
Anonymous said:

Karina you are the most beautiful the most talented actress that I have ever seen, I am so glad you discovered piss sex and drinking which is the most beautiful thing (together with anal) in this world. You master both anal and piss brilliantly, I watched all your lovely anal movies ( they are just fantastic) and now even more you do also with same dedication and talent piss drinking. I love your red hi heels and black stockings by the way you look fantastic. It;s bad you did not find a stronger cock to fill up your lovely asshole, and a man to drink your lovely piss, I would love to do it and also I would piss into your ass hole to fill it up and than you would should that piss right into my open mouth and I would drink it and kiss your moth as well/ My tongue will reach deep into your ass hole to fill your lovely ass juice in my mouth.. ooh what a wonderful dream...kiss your lovely ass hole and your pissing lovely pussy...love you Karina.

27 Jul2015
Anonymous said:

Yes, welcome Karina. You are a real beauty and I am so pleased to see you grace the Vipissy site. It would be lovely to see you in an all-girl scene, as I think you will be wonderful. Thank you

04 Jul2015
n8zsmwwccipy said:

Welcome Karina. You are a super pissdrinking girl. I love you. I can only say: Piss in my mouth, dear, I want to drink your piss. And if you want you can drink my piss in a piss-69.

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