Age: 19
Height: 165 cm / 5' 5"
Weight: 46 kg / 101 lbs
Breasts: A
Country: Belarus
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Empera Pissing Videos


27 Mar2020
spacechase said:

The most perfect tongue that I have ever seen. To be covered in pee and swallowing with Empera would be absolutely divine.

07 Nov2015
Anonymous said:

I liked beautiful, tiny and hot Empera so very much on the PN that I decided to join up here again as well

17 Oct2015
Anonymous said:

Oh, I am glad to be the first one. Empera you are absolutely beautiful gorgeous young lady. You are so incredible talented and skillful, it is such a joy and pleasure to watch you sucking and playing with a pissing cock than seeing your hair getting piss wet and soaked, and then getting the sperm in your mouth is wonderful. But even more after your lovely mouth is glazed with sperm you get your face pissed and washed , getting your hair piss soaked again, oh is just absolutely stunning wonderful. The best comes at the end of this wonderful film when you so sagaciously drink a glass of piss...love you babe and kiss your pissing pussy (I'd love to be so lucky to drink your piss). Oh and I almost forget to mention your lovely asshole rose that is begging for a tongue to get licked.Please come again maybe in stockings and lingerie and high heels.

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