Age: 22
Height: 160 cm / 5' 3"
Weight: 44 kg / 97 lbs
Breasts: A
Country: Italy
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Doroty Pissing Videos


04 Jul2020
SwallowDunc said:

She looks filthy

12 Jul2017
Anonymous said:

She is one of your hottest models. I love to see her opening her mouth wide.

08 Nov2016
Anonymous said:

So amazingly beautiful I've had to download every one of this little beauty's videos

16 Jun2016
eu9eorpBzWVJ said:

Doroty is very nice and sexy. Please create more g/g scenes with her.

26 May2016
eu9eorpBzWVJ said:

Doroty, you are perfect

12 May2016
Anonymous said:

Doroty, you are a dream come true. You have such a pretty face, beautiful hair, lovely long legs and a fabulous ass. Your cunt really is sheer perfection. But best of all, you so obviously enjoy pissy sex. You are a natural performer. I could watch you fucking girls forever!

13 Apr2016
CloverPlays7062 said:

If Doroty were in every scene from here on out, I would never get tired of her. She is just incredible.

17 Feb2016
ND4zXHv4VpYL said:

Doroty Another winner..I hope to see a lot more of you as you really looked like you enjoyed yourself..Next time a girl girl movie with a liter glass drinking..she'd be great!!

31 Jan2016
Anonymous said:

Doroty, you are so beautiful and lovely. I hope to see you again soon.

12 Dec2015
Anonymous said:

Doroty is beautiful and very hot !! Great pictures ! Can't wait to see the movie and hope to see more of her !!

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